There are tons of digital transfer services to choose from, which can be convenient for most people. However, the number of services available can be overwhelming for newbies to the digital money world. Thankfully, we have compiled a quick list of services that have the cheapest fees and what they can do for you.

Always Consider Your Needs

Just because a payment provider offers low fees does not mean that it is right for you. Before you choose a payment service, make sure that the fees are low for the services that you actually need. For instance, Venmo is convenient for splitting bills cheaply with your friends and family. However, it may be better to use a service like from PayPublishing to make larger wire transfers at a cheaper rate.


Venmo is a service that is owned by PayPal, and it is a popular money transfer service that focuses on more social aspects. Most people use Venmo to make quick, small transfers to family and friends. Most young people use this because it is a convenient way to split bills amongst many people. You can get funds from your debit card or bank account for free, but you will need to pay a 3% fee if you use a credit card.


If you want to send money internationally, then you can try out Xoom, which is also owned by PayPal. It is a useful service if you regularly send money abroad, so OFWs often use Xoom. Xoom is also an excellent option if you want to pay for international bills, reload mobile phones abroad, send funds for delivery or pick up in certain countries, and transfer funds between different bank accounts from different countries. Luckily, your recipients do not need to open a PayPal account to get Xoom payments.

Google Pay

Google Pay is very great for personal payments, as it is pretty much free to send money from your account balance. Plus, it is free to send money to your debit card or linked bank account. However, the main downside is that not many merchants accept Google Pay.


One of the most popular ways to send and receive money is PayPal. Most merchants will accept this as a payment method, but it does come with fees for each transaction. Additionally, you would have to pay fees if you send cash from your credit or debit card. Luckily, it is free to send money from your linked checking account or PayPal balance if you send cash to your friends and family. 

A payment made with a credit card.


Another affordable way to send money abroad is TranssferWise. It is one of the most affordable options for regular international transfers. The fees are often 1% or less of your payment, and TransferWise tries to offer you the best exchange rate.

Digital money transfer services are a great way to transfer money, but you should choose the best service that has the most affordable fees and offers the options that you need. You can use the information above to choose the right one for you.